The Euromillions lottery is held twice a week with draws taking place on Tuesdays & Fridays. To play you select seven numbers - five main numbers in the range 1-50 and two lucky star numbers in the range 1-12. To win the Jackpot all seven numbers must be matched.


However, there are 13 levels of prizes and you need to find only two main numbers to win a prize. Joining and becoming a member of a Euro Millions Lottery syndicate is, for sure, a great way to improve your chances of winning. With Tuesday's jackpot standing at £59 million, it is easy to understand why some players prefer syndicates. 


Huge jackpots are perfect for sharing, and the Euromillions syndicates offer the best chance for a lottery game plan to succeed. Of all the strategies employed to help with winning the lottery, Our Euromillions syndicate is perhaps the most affordable, effective -- and the most fun.


Why pay £2.50 per ticket?

Join a Syndicate to Play upto 80 Tickets every week - all for only £6.00.

Every month you will play 320 tickets with a serious chance of a big dream win.

Cash prizes paid directly into your bank account within days.

There is no long term commitment - you may cancel at any time.


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