Euromillions Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Lottery Syndicate?

A Lottery Syndicate is a group of lottery players who buys numerous tickets to increase the chance of a Jackpot win and share the prize winnings with each other.


How much does it cost to play in a lottery syndicate?

To enter our Euromillions Syndicate costs just £3 per draw, thats just £6 per week to play upto £200 worth of Euromillions lottery tickets per week.


What makes this Euromillions Syndicate different from other lottery syndicates?

We keep it simple, transparent and play in lottery syndicate simply because we enjoy it and we want to win as well. We never sacrifice quantity over quality. You will play 40 lottery tickets shared with 40 other syndicate members per draw and in the event of big wins, you will still get a life changing amount of winnings too because we have avoided diluting the group with too many members per Euromillions Syndicate.


How do I know my winnings?

With Big Jackpot wins over £1000, we will compute and share the winnings immediately and contact you by telephone to tell you the good news.

For all wins under £1000 we calculate and send the syndicates total winnings on a weekly basis.


Is the Millionaire Raffle included?

Yes! Unlike some, not only do you share 40 Euromillions lines we also include the Millionaire Maker raffle codes into the syndicates.

So if one syndicate was to match the code, all 40 players in the syndicate would recieve £25,000 each.


Why pay £2.50 per ticket?

Join a Syndicate to Play upto 80 Tickets every week - all for only £6.00.

Every month you will play 320 tickets with a serious chance of a big dream win.

Cash prizes paid directly into your bank account within days.

There is no long term commitment - you may cancel at any time.

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