We are humans just like you and share the same dream of winning the Euromillions Jackpot. During the lockdown we looked at various techniques of winning the Euromillions jackpot and the only sure way to increase your chances of winning is to buy more lottery tickets per draw.


However buying a higher number of Euromillions tickets overtime becomes costly with draws taking place every Tuesday and Friday, so we decided to create a Euromillions Syndicate for like minded people such as family, friends and work colleagues who want to enter and win a share of the Euromillions lottery. We decided we needed a name for the syndicate and simply named it 'Euromillions Syndicate, it's a syndicate and we use the Euromillions so the name was set: Euromillions Syndicate.


Playing a small Euromillions syndicate with family, friends and work colleagues has enabled us to win plenty of smaller prizes giving us all a good equal share of the prize money but we still needed more tickets to increase our chances of winning the bigger prizes, remember the more tickets the more greater the odds of winning the jackpot. We then discussed the idea of opening up the syndicate to the general public and creating a website so future members could make regular payments and keep up to date with the latest Euromillions results and news.


To give you peace of mind and to make our syndicates more fair, transprent and trustworthy we looked at making the syndicate a limited business but we needed a name, eventually after a little searching we came up with the perfect business name and registered Euro Millions Ltd with companies house on 4th June 2020. Business Number: 12644575. Although registered as a business Euro Millions Ltd doe's not opperate for profit. Remember we are human and have the same dream as you, to win cash prizes and fingers crossed a share of a big jackpot win.



Why pay £2.50 per ticket?

Join a Syndicate to Play upto 80 Tickets every week - all for only £6.00.

Every month you will play 320 tickets with a serious chance of a big dream win.

Cash prizes paid directly into your bank account within days.

There is no long term commitment - you may cancel at any time.

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